Monday, June 14, 2010


myself and joanna
at the flying m coffee garage
see previous post.

on the way to idaho (5 hour drive!)
we came across this rainbow...
which i must say, i have never gotten that close
to the beginning/end of one before!!
it was so amazing!!

this time in idaho was the most relaxing trip yet.
i got to see both joanna (@ the flyimg m)
and katie (at her new townhouse) whom i wasn't able
to meet up with last time i was in town.
oh how i miss them!

on top of that, i spent some quality time
with rach (which is always much needed!!)
and it's always fun as we continue to plan our lives
together again..that is once dean and i move back to idaho!
luckily no one has started to build on either side of them!
i hope it stays that way..because we are going to live next door!!

i can't wait. i think the thought of our future
being in idaho is what is keeping me pretty optimistic these days.
oh how i just wish it was already 2 years from now!

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