Friday, June 25, 2010

breakfast for dinner

the best way to have a waffle!

tonight we had breakfast for dinner!
oh how i love waffles..luckily dean does too!
(he likes his with just syrup on top)

although i have two waffle irons i tend to use
my rose one more often then just my regular round one.
i am so glad i bought this when i did...
because i have never seen a prettier waffle : )

the best way to have a waffle by far is
with strawberries and coolwhip (or whip cream)
this particular waffle is made with the
heart healthy bisquick mix and adding only one egg white and fat free milk..
then topping with fresh strawberries and fat free coolwhip!!

so it's not too bad for ya either!
oh how i love making food healthier and
with less calories/fat/sugars etc!


  1. I thought that was a pan of cinnamon rolls

  2. I love having breakfast for dinner! What a gorgeous waffle! Love the roses!!! :)
    Love, Mom

  3. if you want we can have rose waffles
    for breakfast while you're here! : )