Tuesday, June 22, 2010

desk chair

i am absolutely loving this chair to the left! it can be found at target.com and would make a great decor
chair for my desk! i am currently shopping for a unique desk chair. i am not normally attracted to the
mustard yellow..however i think this chair is just FABULOUS!

sadly, this chair is not quite in my current price range..so i have some more hunting to do!

the desk to the right is also from target and is my current desk! i bought this desk because it is so
simple and elegant looking and i love the rich expresso color!


  1. i have not sat in it.
    hints it being only online.
    however i have sat in a similar chat
    at target..and it was quite comfy!

  2. I normally don't like that color either, but this chair is darling! I'm currently looking at them online and thinking about how great it would look in my future apartment!