Friday, June 11, 2010

flying m

im sitting here at one of my favorite coffee houses.
the flying m (nampa, idaho).
it is one of the many places that i used to call home
during my college days (which i can't believe was 3 years ago!)
i miss it so much, especially their chai tea.
they make it from scratch and it is the best ever!!

i am waiting for my friend joanna here at the m
and to catch up. i can't wait until we are living in idaho again
and can hangout with my friends whenever i want!
rachel and nate were so kind to let us stay with them
while we are here. we love them so much!

anyways sadly i have no photos to post today
since we are in idaho for the next couple of days
i didnt bring my camera cord..hints no uploading photos.

in other news i had an interview yesterday before we left town
at this luxury spa downtown. it's so nice on the inside and
we will see how it goes, there are a few things that are
hindering my decision on whether on not to work there.
however i have some time to think about it because
i am heading back for a second interview on monday.

have a blessed weekend to you all!

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