Wednesday, June 16, 2010

classic sourdough bread

the most AMAZING sourdough bread!!
it's made by Harvest Classic Bakery
based out of Nampa, ID.
i fell in love with their black bread first
then i tried their sourdough and both are so delicious!

last visit to Idaho i looked all over for a loaf of sourdough
and i could not find it anywhere!
it was a sad day because i thought that it wasn't popular enough
and that they were no longer making it.

however this time in Idaho my friend rachel and i
went down the bread aisle to get some hotdog buns
for a bbq we were having and low and behold...
one loaf of Harvest Classic sourdough..just waiting for me!!
it made my day to say the least!

lesson: don't lose faith. there is hope!

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