Saturday, June 5, 2010

relaxing day..

first i must say that i have a new favorite drink..
coke zero + whipped cream flavored vodka.
it takes like vanilla coke...its amazing!!
dean's dad introduced us to it last weekend!
i am so that i was able to find it here in yaka-vegas!!

dean went out golfing with a buddy today
so that leaves me by myself for the most of the day!

i rented the movie 'nine' and watched it..not too bad!
since it was so nice out i laid out for a bit...
and did a little bit of reading.
i love sophie kinsella and all of her books!
i hope to one day own all of her books..i think
i only have a couple left to go!

on a different note..i am going to surprise dean
and have dinner ready whenever he comes home!!
i am going to try a new dish..that calls for jumbo pasta shells
and three different kinds of cheeses!!
i hope it turns out well!

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