Wednesday, August 4, 2010

mid-week muffin

just some of the ingredients

white chocolate macadamia nut muffins

today is another lovely day outside
and i chose to be inside baking..
with the oven on 400* and now i'm wondering
why i decided to bake on a day like today...

~ perhaps it is because i wanted to use some new muffin liners
(if you look closely you can see little pink muffins)

~ perhaps it is because i LOVE doesn't matter how hot it is outside.
(right now it is 91* outside!)

~ perhaps it is because i had a new recipe i've been wanting to try.
(it has been calling my name!) and i love myself some white chocolate
macadamia nut cookies...and in a muffin form...yum!

~ perhaps it is because i don't usually bake
with macadamia nuts or vanilla chips and i've had them
in my pantry for some time and been wanting to use them.

one of the longest names of a muffin a might say.
white chocolate macadamia nut muffins.
maybe it should be w.c.m.n. muffins : )

i thought about drizzling a white chocolate glaze on top
(which i still might!) but for now i'm going to see
what my husband thinks of them.

i think they are sweet, just as they are.
but a little white chocolate on top..
would make them look FABULOUS!